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Telugu Panchangam – Detailed Today panchangam including major like tithi, Nakashtram, Yogam, Karnam. Also added auspicious/Inauspicious time as well. You can check everyday/today panchangam 2018 on our blog.

August 21, 2018

August 21

Day: Tuesday | Sunrise: 06:01 A.M | Sunset: 6:39 P.M | Masa: Sravanam

Tithi (తిథి) Ekadasi Whole Night (ఏకాదశి రాత్రి మొత్తం)
Nakshatram (నక్షత్రం) Moola (మూల) August 22-12:43 PM
Yoga (యోగం) Vishkamba (విష్కంభ) 04:03 PM 
Karnam (కరణం) Vanija (వనిజ) 06:26 PM|  Vishti Whole Night (విష్టి రాత్రి మొత్తం)

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Today Panchangam – Calendar 2018


Telugu panchangam 2018, here you will get to know the complete information about it. Also, check out the above calendar where you can able to find today panchangam as well in 2018.

Everyone must be aware of English Calendar which starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st for every year.

  • India is a rich diverse cultural country filled with many religions and languages. Every state in India has its own culture and language.

For example:

  • Andhra Pradesh & Telangana – Telugu
  • Tamil Nadu- Tamil

Most of the people in India are Hindus but they have different culture, language and calendar based on their ancestry.

Also check:

Here in India Calendar is known by different names.  Telugu Panchangam/Tamil, Panchanga in Kannada, Panjika in Eastern state etc.

Telugu Panchangam is a calendar in regional language. They are written by ancestors and many people are following till today.

There are mainly five attributes to ponder over in a Telugu calendar along with sunrise time and sunset time.

  1. Tithi
  2. Nakshatram
  3. Varam
  4. Yoga
  5. Karanam

People will look at this attributes to find Muhurtham for any auspicious day.

Know More About Telugu Panchangam’s

All Hindu festivals, fasting etc. will occur according to the calendar. Telugu calendar starts on the day of Ugadi festival. Let’s see in detail about these attributes so that you can able to understand what is telugu panchangam.

  • Tithi:
  • Nakshatram:
  • Varam:
  • Yoga:
  • Karanam:

These attributes help us to know at the time of buying, selling, marriage, vacations, festivals or any auspicious occasions to start on.

  • Telugu Calendar consists of 12 months in a starting from Chaitra masam to Phalguna masam.

Telugu New Year is known as UGADI. Usually Ugadi falls in the month of March or April. Here is the list of Telugu months

  1. Chaitramu – చైత్రము
  2. Vaisakhamu – వైశాఖము
  3. Jayashtamu – జ్యేష్ఠము
  4. Ashadamu – ఆషాఢము
  5. Shravanamu – శ్రావణము
  6. Bhadrapadamu – భద్రపదము
  7. Ashavyujamu – ఆశ్వయుజము
  8. Karthikamu – కార్తికము
  9. Margasiramu – మార్గశిరము
  10. Pushyamu – పుష్యము
  11. Meghamu – మాఘము
  12. Phalgunamu – ఫాల్గుణము

Now you can view your Panchangam here by selecting the month and year here on this website.

The real time data of each day is written in the past by our ancestors based on the ephemeris. The calendar is linked year by year.

  • This Panchangam is used as a fundamental element to keep the Muhurtham.

Other thing such as Jathakam, mantra, Dasha etc. is mandatory to view for selecting an auspicious day to start the work or anything to do.

  • Inauscpicious time or Dur Muhurat is considered as bad.
  • Hindus are against these.

They believe is that everything bad will happen if you plan to do any auspicious work.

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Know Today’s Panchangam

You can find out the Entire 2018 year panchang here. All you need to select the date and click on submit the details. Here we share quick guide so that you will get to know.

  • At first head over to 2018 Calendar. You have different options to choose the panchang for a particular day.
  • Just select the 2018 month that you were looking out for and click on it.
  • It will automatically display on that day panchang. So, that you can follow up it.

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